The are a number of sights which really do enhance the overall appearance of Thessaloniki, namely its historical White Tower, Byzantine city walls, traditional Greek architecture, and its pretty waterfront, which is lined with cafes and shops. For the latest in the way of tourism

A city of beauty with so many breathtaking sights and locations to visit while modern achievements are mixing and interchanging with tradition and the living history of Thessaloniki, offering to all esteem guests the chance to enjoy a combination of entertainment, interesting information, beautiful weather, along the Greek traditional hospitality and friendship.

See Thessaloniki’s symbol, the White Tower is a 15th century fortification which was part of the city’s defenses. The church of Agios Dimitrios is dedicated to the patron Saint of the city and holds a prominent position among all the churches in this city. The Arch of Galerius, one of the most characteristic monuments of Thessaloniki, the Aristotelous square, Rotonda, the city walls of Thessaloniki were the fortifications of the Byzantine city and are of great interest and importance for their archaeological, architectural and artistic points.  The Byzantine walls of Thessaloniki concurred with the Roman ones.  The walls were built of narrow bands of stone and a wider of brick and spread over a length of 7-8 km.